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How to define your ideal client

Without defining who your ideal client is, you lose sight of what you can provide and therefore sales. If you want to increase your sales, you have to get a solid foundation.


How to write a brilliant blog post

Do you want to get your ideas to spread? Then you have to get good at marketing and copy writing. Discover how to write posts that will leave your audience wanting more.


The secret to writing super addictive email

Go from plain copy to copy that gets your clients to actually take action. Understand what it takes to write super addictive content and how to effectively increase your list size.

Hello, I'm Monica

I work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Educators to help create online e courses using impactful, online marketing strategies that sell easily.

I believe we're all limitless and that includes you. I am insanely optimistic that you can achieve greatness with your business and go for whatever you want in life, and I am completely dedicated to that.

“A big thank you to Monica Rafiq who led a stunning and innovative marketing campaign for Taylor Swift's Dog. We went against all the odds to get this victory.”

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